Daggers & Doppelgangers – How Klaus Knew Elena Existed


For all of the things we’ve come to know about Klaus and his family, we never did find out (on neither The Vampire Diaries, nor The Originals) how Klaus even knew Elena existed. This article means to explain my proposed sequence of events (though certainly plenty of other things could’ve happened). 

Let’s start with the fact that we know that Katherine’s original plan was to eradicate the tomb vampires in order to keep her secret safe. But, fearing that this won’t have worked, she hatches a back-up plan. Namely she’s going to try and make a deal with Klaus for her freedom by preparing the ritual for him with Elena and offering that to him in return for her freedom. Presumably the death of the tombpires would still be a bonus here, since this way they cannot reveal her location or the location of the doppelganger (which would be valuable leverage). We also all know that Isobel was looking for Klaus on Katherine’s behalf in order to try and cut her a deal (her being an expert researcher) .

Now here’s what I think happened: Katherine sends Isobel out to gather information on Klaus and get close enough to him to make a deal. Isobel in fact does find Klaus and tells him about the living doppelganger, but instead of cutting a deal with her Klaus compels her into his service. He then goes on to use her in “Know Thy Enemy” to get Katherine, the moonstone and Elena.

The reason I like this interpretation is because if this is true then Katherine’s own machiavellian machinations are exactly what caused Klaus to find out that she’s still alive and everything else that followed (including her own torture and later death). In this sequence of events, if Katherine simply hadn’t been so paranoid about her secret having gotten out and tried to sacrifice Elena and her friends as a peace offering, he would’ve never even known she was alive or Elena existed..

John giving Damon all the protection he needs to penetrate Elijah.

John gives Damon a white oak ash dagger.

Another thing I like about this interpretation is that it has the additional perk of explaining the dagger.

We know that Klaus Mikaelson has always kept a very, very close watch on the white oak ash daggers. So while, before we knew Klaus and his methods, it wasn’t that crazy to see one of the daggers make an appearance in John’s hands (back when he gives it to Damon in “Daddy Issues”) it does seem rather odd afterwards. It’s hard to believe that Klaus would simply let one of his daggers slip through his fingers. This is if it weren’t for the fact that John also says that he got the dagger from Isobel.

So what makes perfect sense under the above sequence of events is that Isobel had already found Klaus and been compelled by him at this point. She could have told Klaus about the fact that Elijah was in town and Klaus may have given her the dagger so the Salvatores could take care of Elijah before he ever set foot in town. After all, the daggers can’t hurt Klaus himself, so it would be a calculated risk. The dagger could fall into Elijah’s hands, but even then he wouldn’t be able to use it. However, if the Salvatores succeeded then Klaus never has to dirty his hands and confront Elijah. After all he doesn’t know by this point exactly what Elijah has been up to or where Mikael is, so he may fear that Elijah has a way to harm him. And using the Salvatores as guinea pigs seems so wonderfully sadistic and Klaus-like.

What I like most about this interpretation is how devious it makes Klaus seem. It would mean that he was directly manipulating events in Mystic Falls half a dozen episodes before he even set foot in the town. And that’s the sign of a magnificent bastard if I’ve ever seen one.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my rampant speculation, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll consider leaving a torrent of gushing compliments in the comment section.

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