The Answers at the Bottom of a Glass – The Strange Way People Bond in TO and TVD (But Mostly TO)

Everyone likes a drink. Some good ol’ booze. Except me. I’m a teetotaler and will never touch the vile stuff. But this makes me a monster! An abomination, social outcast, pariah! Because The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have taught me drinking alcoholic beverages together is the true (and easiest) way of forming strong friendships!

Marcel and Josh after sharing a drink

Two close friends sharing a drink

It all started in season 1 of The Vampire Diaries. The very first time Damon and Alaric met each other was in a bar. They shared a drink and ever since then they’ve been the bestest of friends. And more importantly, they started the awesome tradition that both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have milked for all its worth: turning enemies into good friends by sharing a drink. And in the latter show we see this with Marcel and Klaus, Cami and Klaus, Elijah and Klaus, Marcel and Vincent and, though it’s only implied, Vincent and Detective Will what’s-his-face Kinney. Even Josh becomes a bartender in season 4 of The Originals, which may imply that he enjoys a good drink himself. Actually, it isn’t implied at all, since we see the young vampire pour a drink for himself and Marcel quite often. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Josh and Marcel are also drinking buddies and the show has demonstrated often that they have a true friendship; one based on mutual respect and admiration for each other. Considering that Marcel becomes the top bat, this is really saying something.

Drinking the Symbolism Away

It is important that in most cases the drinking scenes are used for the same reason: to share stories, even a sign of the sorrow and sadness that the person is hurting inside and that all they need is a hug. They are literally trying to drink their problems away! Trying to look for a solution at the bottom of the glass. And that is why these people find each other in the bar. These are troubled souls in need of a friend and when they find out they are “not so different” they become the best of friends. True, staunch allies who team up to deal with all the supernatural malarky that goes on. I feel this is clear symbolism, of the fact that not only people look for similarity in friends, but that spending time in a bar, which has always been a favourite past-time of many a person, is the most superior way to bond with each other. Well, that and sharing a pizza.

Klaus and Camille bonding over a drink

Where else would a Klaus therapy session take place…

It is also worth noting that the drink all these people share is bourbon. Of course that is clear symbolism on its own. Based on my very limited knowledge of alcoholic beverages I state that bourbon is a drink reserved for the elite. And that is what many, if not all of the vampiric creatures are, if you think about it. They aspire to be the upper class and as a result they all drink bourbon. And of course it’s not the cheap stuff, but the bourbon that is at least 100 dollars a bottle and most likely far more. Can you even imagine Klaus and Elijah, the leaders of New Orleans (every now and then) drink some cheap brand? No! This is the good stuff, the elite drink that symbolise their aristocratic nature. And if you go back down the line of people that enjoy drinks in this show, you’ll find that all of them have leadership positions:

Marcel: ruler of New Orleans
Klaus: The Original hybrid
Elijah: The Original vampire
Will: Detective and most likely a higher-up in the human faction
Vincent: Informal leader of the witches
Camille: lover of Klaus Mikaelson
Josh: … Well, he’s a friend of Marcel?

And if you’re wondering WHY everyone drinks bourbon in this god-forsaken show, it’s because the bars and booze dealers knew that the Originals were coming and essentially stocked up so much bourbon that it’s more difficult to get a glass of clean water! Oh, and the fact that the people in New Orleans seem to enjoy partying and have quite a few touristic attractions going on. You know, tourism: selling overpriced shit you don’t really need in the first place.

So get out there! Go and drink that wonderful bourbon! For that is the easiest way for you to make some fast friends!

PS: I actually don’t advocate you drinking alcoholic beverages at all. In fact, you would do me a huge favour by stopping to drink the stuff entirely. The world is such a dark place with all those nasty alcoholics who do stupid shit like driving a car and running over deer. And really, do you like the alcoholic breath smell?

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