“I’m an Original. Show a Little Respect.” – Rewriting Inconsistent Fight Scenes

We all love The Originals and The Vampire Diaries and everyone loves a good fight scene. However, I think many would agree with me that sometimes both of these shows can have fight scenes that are rather inconsistent with the established lore as it pertains to vampire strength, vampire speed, established skill, etc. The worst of these have usually been against the members of the original family. It’s not hard to get why this is. The originals are extremely powerful beings, nearly invincible in fact. So in order to give their enemies a fighting chance (especially necessary if those enemies are a series’ protagonists) they ended up seemingly having to handicap them. However, this miniature article is an attempt to rewrite some of the more inconsistent fight scenes that the originals have had in a way that retains the scene’s original purpose, doesn’t result in the death of more named characters than died in the original version but also isn’t inconsistent.

It’s worth noting that I will expand this article over time to include multiple scenes, but right now I simply do not have the time.

Kol vs. Damon in “Dangerous Liaisons”

One of the biggest victims of the above-mentioned trend is probably Kol Mikaelson. He’s often been defeated and even completely annihilated by vampires or others far below his own level of strength and skill (as far as the lore goes) and the first of these was this scene in the fourteenth episode of season 3 of The Vampire Diaries. The first fight scene he had with anyone other than Klaus.

What happened: Kol starts to break Matt’s hand while standing on a balcony. Damon sees this, makes a snarky comment and charges at the original. As a result Kol is flung off of the building and Damon snaps Kol’s neck. After this he proceeds to stroll away unharmed despite being in full view of the other members of the original family.

What should have happened: Kol starts to break Matt’s hand while standing on a balcony. Damon sees this, makes a snarky comment and charges at the original. Kol of course simply backhands him unto the floor. Damon isn’t deterred however and gets up and charges again at which point Kol easily subdues him and lifts him up by the neck. Stefan, looking for Damon and hearing the noise, comes upon the scene however and attempts to intervene. A cut is made in the scene. We see both Stefan and Damon thrown into the main hall of the building on to the various expensive tables with food, etc. Kol charges at them and prepares to kill one or both of them. However, since they are now in full view of everybody Elijah and Finn (being the two that wish to follow Esther’s rules) restrain their brother. While he is restrained Damon gets up and grabs one of the table’s legs (one of the ones that he was flung unto and broke) and charges at Kol, stabbing him through the heart (thus desiccating him). Kol of course is unable to react because he was being restrained by two other originals. The other originals prepare to tear Damon’s head off and there’s a tense moment in which Stefan and Damon look around and see all of the originals quite pissed at them. We see close-ups of their faces. However, before anything else happens Esther and Elena walk unto the scene and Esther tells Damon and Stefan to leave the party and looks at her children for a moment (judgingly) saying no harm will come to them if they leave right now. Damon makes a hateful comment and he leaves, Stefan simply apologises and leaves. Elena is left looking at Damon and Stefan, stunned at what they’ve done.

Now this version of the scene seems longer, but really it would’ve been only a few seconds (definitely less than a minute) longer than the scene we actually saw. More things just happen at once, etc. But my version of the scene retains the original usage of the scene (to show Damon acting recklessly and breaking up the party) while at the same time staying true to the lore, respecting the power of an original like Kol.

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