A Triumphant Return – A Hypothetical Scene for Gathering Up the Killers


Anyone who’s read more than one of my articles probably knows I like to rewrite scenes on occassion. Well, this time instead I’ve outdone myself and thought up a whole scene from scratch. It would be part of the first episode of season 4 of The Originals and I shall do my best to describe it as eloquently as possible below.

First to set the scene a bit: Hayley has cured the original siblings of their various ailments but the siblings are still asleep, since the spell Freya casts links their state to whether Klaus is or is not awake and Freya is not there to undo it. Hayley has tried to seek help from the New Orleans witches but was both rejected and lured into a trap when she tried again later. As such she comes to the conclusion that it is too dangerous to search for a New Orleans witch to undo the spell since the witches hate the Mikaelsons and over the last few years the witches, through Vincent, have formed an uneasy “alliance” with Marcel. This means, of course, that she has to get Freya to undo it somehow. But the only way she can is by waking her up first.

Marcel, while having found out over the years that the originals have been preserved, believes they have simply been daggered and is unaware of their connection to Klaus through a spell. In addition to this, with her return to the city, Marcel at first orders his vampires to find Hayley and not harm her or Hope but take the coffins from her. His vampires, however, are growing restless and have taken many losses trying to take the coffins from her before. This forces Marcel to give them permission to kill Hayley, though he insists that they simply capture Hope, or risk rebellion.

Marcel having phone sex.

Marcel speaks to Hayley on the phone.

Hayley, having barely survived the previous encounter with Marcel’s vampires, realises the vampires are now out to kill her and understands that it is only a matter of time until they find her and do this. So Hayley deliberately leads them to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere where she’s stashed the original siblings. They follow her there, not knowing that she is leading them into a trap.

When they start to pull up to the warehouse in their cars Hayley hides nearby and calls Marcel and tells him that Klaus knows something which is very important to Marcel. I’m not sure what this would be yet, maybe something to do with a remaining white oak stake that Klaus has hidden. But it ought to be something that Hayley knew Marcel couldn’t resist waking Klaus up for. She also does so in a way that convinces Marcel this is genuine, perhaps pretending that she’s exchanging this information for her life and the life of her child or something.

So, Marcel goes down to where he keeps Klaus. In the meanwhile you hear music starting up in the background. Just slow drum beats “boom tish, boom tish, boom tish, boomboomboom tish.” He stands over Klaus and says that it’s time for them to have a little chat. We then cut to Marcel’s vampires entering the warehouse. Hayley is nowhere to be seen, but they immediately discover the coffins themselves. They send out a few of them to go hunt for Hayley and their leader says to bring the truck around to transport the coffins. They all turn around and head for the truck. We cut to an image of Marcel burrying his hand in Klaus’ chest and pulling out Tunde’s blade. The music starts to intensify a bit, with the pace of the drum beats going up somewhat. We cut back to the vampires who’ve turned around when we hear a sudden bang (which falls on a drum beat). We see them turning around and then a shot of just an arm in a suit holding up the lid of a coffin. They turn around completely and we see their shocked expressions. We cut back to a a wide shot of all of the coffins in the warehouse next to each other, slowly all four of the original siblings stand up in unison. Kol makes a jape about how “This lot doesn’t look very happy to see us” and Rebekah chimes in with their visit being rather late at night. We then cut to a shot of Elijah in bullfrog perspective who says something to the effect that then they shouldn’t keep these gentlemen waiting any longer. As the music kicks off in full we see the wide shot of them all again as they vampire speed to Marcel’s vampires.

Another lovely father-son bonding moment.

Marcel confronts Klaus.

An awesome fight erupts and the final shot of the scene is the final vampire’s bloodied arm hitting the floor (a close up) as Hayley, in the back of the shot, enters the warehouse and Elijah turns around to see her. She then runs into his arms. This shot of a bloodied arm then cuts to Klaus’ arm hitting the ground as he tries to drag himself up to face Marcel and the scene cuts to Marcel and Klaus’ conversation.

Now, I’m aware that this scene will never actually be in the show. I’m also aware that for it to work certain details would have to be worked out a lot more, such as why Marcel would believe Hayley. But when I played the scene out in my head, I couldn’t help but think it was kind of cool. It’s hard to describe it in such a way that it accurately represents what it looks like in my head (especially because the music is hard to add in to this), but I hope you get the jist and I hope you all enjoyed this little hypothetical scene.

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