The Originals

Here you’ll find all of the articles the Critique GeeksAnalyze and Maddy have written about the hit CW fantasy TV-series The Originals in chronological order of release from newest to oldest.

Selfless Redeemer or Selfish Controller? – Why Elijah Made Klaus a Worse Person

Behind Blue Eyes – Why Camille Was the Most Powerful Character on The Originals

Missing the Light at the End of the Tunnel – Why The Originals’ Ending Doesn’t Work

Was Vampire Hitler Right? – How Season 5’s Ending Betrays Its Themes

One Step Forward, Twenty Steps Back – Why Hope Mikaelson Has No Character Arc

A Doomed Relationship – Why Klaus Could Never Have Been a Good Father to Marcel

The Answers at the Bottom of a Glass – The Strange Way People Bond in TO and TVD (But Mostly TO)

A Triumphant Return – A Hypothetical Scene for Gathering Up the Killers

A Regrettable Retrospective – Season 3’s Missed Opportunities

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler – New Orleans After the Mikaelsons

The Originals’ Deadliest Sin – Behind the Black Horizon Review

“In the end the enemies that you have are the ones that you made.” – Alone with Everybody Review

“I’m an Original. Show a Little Respect.” – Rewriting Inconsistent Fight Scenes

The Hayley Marshall Debacle – A Look at Hayley’s Flaws as a Character

Life Among Giants – Marcel’s Childhood

Power of the Witches Rise – Witch Power in the Vampire Diaries Universe

“You Do Not Talk to Abominations” – Elijah’s Dilemma

Mother & Monster – Esther’s Immorality

Of Monsters & Men – How the Originals See Themselves

Mechanics of the Impossible – Magic in the Originals & Vampire Diaries Universe

Camille’s Descent – A Look at the Importance of Camille’s Choices in “You Hung the Moon”

Shades of Blonde – A Short Look at the Symbolism of Blonde Hair in The Originals

More Than a Destroyer – A Re-Imagining of Mikael’s Big Scene in “Alive and Kicking”

Becoming the Destroyer – A Psychological Analysis of Mikael