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The Cracked Helm – Why Halo: Reach’s Last Level is Masterful

  Alright, I’m going to have to start with a confession. I was not a big fan of Halo: Reach on a storytelling level. Sure, the gameplay was good enough and it had lots of flashy moments and pretty lights. But the characters were as flat as cardboard that fell underneath a steamroller and there’s …

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Gentlemen, Take Your Seats – A Case Study in the Art of Wordless Communication

  Game of Thrones used to have some great scenes. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe. But once upon a time, before it was the stereotypical high fantasy disasterfest it became, there was a golden age where season after season you would find it stuffed full of great scenes. Episode after episode it …

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A Lion Still Has Claws – Why Reforging Ice is the Best Scene in Game of Thrones

  Everyone has their favourite scenes in Game of Thrones. Hardly surprising, as the show is packed full of epic battles, incredible monologues and exciting plot twists. And my favourite scene… is none of those. It’s a scene where some old guy hands a sword to a blacksmith for reforging and then throws a wolf …

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