The Website Has Launched!

So what is this website?

Fuck if we know. But what we’re going for is a website which concentrates on reviews and analysis of fantasy and science fiction content (including TV-series, movies, books and video games) with a hopefully humorous spin. The website currently has two main types of articles: Individual articles and Critique Geeks.

Individual articles are written by either Analyze (who focuses on in-depth analysis, albeit in a sarcastic and cynical tone) or Maddy (who focuses more on humour and general silliness) and will be posted weekly every tuesday and thursday respectively.

Critique Geeks is a biweekly segment where Maddy and Analyze come together in a clash of silly vs. sarcastic, discussing or debating a specific topic from fantasy or science fiction. It is posted every other saturday.

So put on your straight jacket and pull out your butterfly net, and god speed.

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