Maddy is Leaving Us

My dearest citizens of Analytical Madness, consul Analyze has an important message to bequeath to you all.

As you might’ve figured out from those big letters up top I bring you the very happy tidings that the beast known as Maddy (the second author of Analytical Madness) will be leaving the website and moving on to torment other people. I wish him the best of luck in these endeavours so long as those endeavours take place far away from myself.

Goodbye, and may you rest in torment!

Alright, on a more serious note (admittedly we usually try to avoid that here), it is indeed the case that the author known as Maddy has decided to leave the website. This means he will no longer be posting new articles or participating in Critique Geeks. From today onwards his articles will also no longer be available on the website, though the Critique Geeks episodes involving him will (at least for the time being) still be available.

I myself have not yet decided what I will do with the website in the future and whether I will continue. If I do then this departure will mean, at the very least, significant changes to the website. This means some visual changes, organizational changes, schedule changes and possibly some changes to the content or tone of the website. But this is something I will need to apply my noggin’ to in order to figure out.

This also means that, for the time being, there will be no new articles (including no new articles from Analyze) while I figure out what to do next. Hopefully however, your dearest Analyze will have the website up and running full steam ahead again soon.

I sincerely hope you stick with Analytical Madness through these troubled times and, who knows, perhaps we’ll come out of it stronger than you’d ever imagined.

Sincerely yours,


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