Analyze is Back, Baby!

As you may have read, if you’re a good boy/girl, in my previous news article Maddy (former co-owner of Analytical Madness) has left the website. It required some soul searching, taking a short trip to a mountain resort and hitting myself in the head a half a dozen times but I have made the laudable mistake to continue going with the website. There will be some changes, however.

Firstly, as you might have already noticed, the banners have changed and now feature only yours truly in all his magnificent costumed extravagance. This is true for the website, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Secondly, from now on I will no longer be posting new articles on a set timetable. The official day I post articles will still remain tuesdays, but from now on I will no longer do so every tuesday or every other tuesday. Just whenever I have a topic I want to write an article about. Simple, no? Sometimes I might post an article two weeks in a row, sometimes you might have to sit your cute little butt down and wait a few weeks for a new one. But a new one will always come… eventually.

Thirdly, from now on Critique Geeks is no longer a segment about Analyze and Maddy. Instead Critique Geeks will now feature a range of guests that Analyze will interview, ply with questions and then mercilessly argue into the ground with his vastly superior position. This may feature online personalities, writers, fellow website owners, Youtubers or even regular ol’ geeks like yourself who are looking for an interesting argument. This also means that the Diaries which used to accompany Critique Geeks will no longer exist.

And fourthly… that’s going to remain a secret for now. But I am working on something dastardly, despicably monstrous and truly, magnificently interesting which might end up replacing the diaries. But what? Oh what?! Tell us, Analyze! You shout as you throw your ice tea can across the room in sheer wonderment! Well for that, you shall have to wait. And follow the website on Twitter, of course. And one day I might deign to let you in on this mysterious mystery of mysteriousness.

I believe that is all for today. Be sure to check out my newest article (fresh off the imaginary presses) right here and I will see you in the comment section,

The Mysterious Dr. Psychoanalyze

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