Analytical Madness Going on a Break

My dearest inhabitants of the interwebs,

Your dearest Analyze has some important business he cannot get out of (no matter how hard he tries) to put up with for the coming month-or-so. As a result Analytical Madness will be taking a break starting the 25th of December up until the 3rd of February.

This means after the relase of Maddy’s article on 24th of December neither new Maddy, nor new Analyze articles will be gracing your screens until the 4th of February when the newest Analyze article will be grossly birthed into a cold and unyielding world to brighten it up just a little bit, especially for you.

Until then, feel free to get addicted to browsing all of our previous articles (especially Analyze’s) right here. And if you finish those before the 4th? Why, just read them again, of course. And again and again. If your family complains you’re not spending enough time with them? They’re dead weight, leave them. If your girlfriend wants some? Sorry, you’re too busy getting intimately acquainted with your new heroes. Your boss says if you don’t come in today, you’re fired? Well… actually go to that cuz you’ll need to be able to send us money later. But feel free to read more during your lunch breaks or on the loo.

And we will see you on the 4th of February.

A tearful goodbye and a see-you-soon-you-sexy-beast,

Dooooctor Analyze

UPDATE: Due to unforeseen circumstances the break will be extended an additional six weeks until March 16th with the first new Analyze article published on the 17th. We hope you understand, and if you don’t we will find you and we will… fall to our knees and cry in front of you because PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US, DEBBIE!

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