Maddy’s Diary

Oh, I’m sure that you’ve learned all you could from reading Analyze’s diaries and don’t really need to browse these. But a special person like Analyze needs someone to help document his extraordinary life and so I hope that my diary helps out just a bit in the matter. Who knows, some day it may become a biography to rival those by August Kubizek or Robert Service. So may you enjoy reading about the wonderful exploitations of Analyze!

Maddy’s Diary – Entry 7: Eye of the Kitty

Maddy’s Diary – Entry 6: Epistemological Evolutions in the Art of Co-Living

Maddy’s Diary – Entry 5: Settling In

Maddy’s Diary – Entry 4: Maddy and the House of Seahorse!

Maddy’s Diary – Entry 3: Maddy and the Ice Cream Factory

Maddy’s Diary – Entry 2: Roses Are Red, Friends Never Blue

Maddy’s Diary – Entry 1: An Unexpected Battle Bond