“I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok, I sleep all night and I fart all day! Oh hai, Analyze.”

Why hello there, I see that you came to look at the wonderful enigma that is my brain. A fair warning in advance; run away! Run far, run fast and leave all the children and women behind! Unless you’re one of them and faster… In that case, you can leave all the men behind! Isn’t this a grand thing?

Anyway, this is the page that leads to all of my relevant stuff. As you can imagine I’m Madius on this website and I focus on articles that are whimsical and silly, yet still raise valid points. A difficult task, to be sure, but I believe that my degree in Journalism has taught me the necessary skills to be the village idiot! After all, that’s what most journalists do these days…

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My Articles

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The Ace as the Jack of Trades – Is Hermione Really the Brightest Witch of Her Age?

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One Step Forward, Twenty Steps Back – Why Hope Mikaelson Has No Character Arc

The Broken Man on the Broken Wheel – Why King Bran Doesn’t Work

Rise of the Mad Queen 2.0 – Is Daenerys Going Insane Realistic?

The Battle at Ostagar: Unwanted Failure or Deliberate Manipulation? – Discussing Loghain’s Motivations

The Charge of the Dothraki? – Explaining What Cavalry Is All About

The Silence Before the Storm – Was Episode 2 the Best or Worst of Season 8?

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If Thoughtful Looks Could Kill – Why the Preston Jacobs Dornish Master Plan Is Unlikely

Winner Takes It All! – Which Warden Has The Most Potential of the Bunch

The Rise of the Mad Queen – Discussing Cersei’s Character Arc in Game of Thrones

When Littlefinger Gets Littlefingered – Why the Baelish Death Scene Makes No Sense

The Cripple Without Personality – Jaime’s Character Arc in Season 7 of Game of Thrones

The Cracks in the (friend)Ship – Taking a Look at the Tempest Crew Members of Mass Effect Andromeda

The True Power of Friendship? – Taking a Look at the Companions in Mass Effect Andromeda

The Reason I’ve Sunk 1000 Hours into This Game Series – Discussing the Themes of Dragon Age

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Judging a Book By Its Cover? – Critiquing the Plot of Mass Effect Andromeda

The Samurai Jack Plot Marathon – Why Season 5 of Samurai Jack Failed

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When Work Really Pays Off – Re-imagining the End of the Mass Effect Trilogy

Ridiculously Overpowered Big Reapers– The Biggest Flaw Of the Mass Effect Trilogy

The Creeping Voice in Your Mind – Discussing the Indoctrination Theory of Mass Effect 3

The Answers at the Bottom of a Glass – The Strange Way People Bond in TO and TVD (But Mostly TO)

Unlimited Power! – A Discussion on How Magical Power Works in the Harry Potter Universe

The King in the North! – The Scene That Makes My Blood Boil Like a Raccoon Eating Jalapenos

“Training? No, I Shall Randomly Gain Power Instead” – The Biggest Sin of Dragon Ball Super

There Must Always be a Stark in Winterfell – The Paradoxical Thing About Stark Rule in Game of Thrones

He’s Back – Psychological Analysis on What Fifty Years of Suffering Can Do To The Protagonist