The King in the North! – The Scene That Makes My Blood Boil Like a Raccoon Eating Jalapenos

Jon Snow, the white wolf! The king in the North who will unite Westeros, fight agains the White Walkers and sit on the Iron Throne. He’ll probably marry Daenerys Targaryen and become best buds with Tyrion Lannister. That’s what we’ve been waiting for the last six seasons and it’s probably what we’ll be given in season 7. Only there is one tiny, itsy bitsy problem with this: Jon getting named King in the North was absolute bullshit!

I know that the scene I’m going to talk about is a fan favourite. And I know that I will be met with quite a lot of adversity from the fans who can’t believe that I’m about to bash on what is essentially wish fulfillment. But I will soldier on, my head held high and my honour intact. Fueled by the simple knowledge that I am right and all of you people are wrong!

Da King in Da Noth!

Jon Snow: Wannabee king

The transition scene between baby Jon and king Snow

Jon being crowned king in the North is at its heart wish filfillment delivered from D&D. Not only that; we are also finally shown that Jon is a Targaryen bastard. He’s a loveable and honourable chap and he really deserves it! The scene itself was shot in a pretty good way. Rather than outright saying Jon is a Targaryen we see a transition between the previous scene and the current one that clearly shows the baby Eddard is holding in the flashback dream sequence is Jon sitting at the noble table in Winterfell. And the throning itself is a mirror image of that of Robb in season 1. I also like that Lyanna Mormont, named after Jon’s mother, is the first to name him the king of the North. All very cleverly done and such, but it still remains absolute bullshit that Jon would be named king. It’s nonsense, ridiculous, inconceivable, bull crap, horse shit and most of all: poopoo. Here’s why: one, he’s a bastard. Two, Brandon and Sansa supercede him.

Of course Brandon can be excused because everyone believes he’s dead. And I’m definitely interested to see what’ll happen when our favourite crippled boy will shout to the world that Jon is a Targaryen. But Sansa? Nope, she was sitting fucking next to him. But Madius, what are you complaining about? He’s Eddard’s son! Well no, not really, but let’s skip that for now. That’s something season 7 will hopefully deal with. But Madius, he defeated Ramsay! Actually, he didn’t. Sansa did. She was smart enough to make an alliance with Littlefinger to help them out during the Battle of the Bastards. If she hadn’t done that, Jon would’ve drowned in those beautiful corpses and would never have re-taken Winterfell. Those same noble lords that crowned him king would’ve been flayed by Ramsay Bolton. Not to mention all the rape and other horrors he’d inflict on Lyanna. And the Battle of the Bastards is a pretty good example of what I already explained in a previous article (shameless plug): Jon is a pretty lousy ruler and Sansa is shaping up to become a pretty powerful one. She is the one who saved Jon’s ass by scheming, which is central to the politics of Westeros.

Whatever Happened to Succession?!

The second reason is that Jon Snow is exactly that. A Snow. A bastard. Sansa is a true Stark and sitting right next to him. The Northern lords crowning Jon over Sansa undermines the entirety of season 2 and 3: inheritance is messy. Joffrey, Stannis and Renly Baratheon are all fighting over the throne, because they all believe they have the right. Joff thinks he’s the true son, when he is in fact a bastard. In fact, merely the rumour that he is a bastard is enough to put swords in men’s arms and make them fight against the Lannisters. It’s this truth that makes Stannis believe that he is the rightful king, whereas Renly thinks he can be king because he has the largest army. Tens of thousands of people died for this claim. We saw families and houses destroyed. We saw all of this suffering, horror and death over this one claim. And yet somehow all of the Northern houses decided to put Jon on the throne? I don’t care how sexist Westeros is; by all customs and laws Sansa supercedes Jon.

Littlefinger: breaker of kings?

Is that a smirk, lord Littlefinger?

Of course you can argue that this does demonstrate how messy inheritance and crownings are. Sansa does all the work and Jon reaps the rewards. And I agree. In fact, I hope it’s this. I have watched a Behind-the-Scenes video (this one: and in it the producers and D&D discuss the fact that Jon gets chosen while Sansa sits next to him. I hope this means that in season 7 we’ll see some consequences from this atrocious scene. It’s certainly hinted at when Littlefinger and Sansa have a little stare down at the end of the scene. I always wondered if Sansa will ever have the same kind of staring powers as Tywin Lannister does. Fans of the books will understand what I mean. The others ones… Well, you are just plebians! Read the books like the rest of us!

Anywhoo, to end this article: the scene is bad, but I hope that it’ll have some consequences in season 7. I believe that Littlefinger’s scheming would redeem this scene in my eyes. Ah well, we’ll find out in a few months. Until then I remain convinced that this scene should never have been filmed and I will throw enough monkey poop at anyone who disagrees!

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