Game of Thrones

Here you’ll find all of the articles the Critique Geeks, Analyze and Maddy have written about the fantastically popular HBO fantasy TV-series Game of Thrones and the A Song of Ice & Fire books that the series is based on in chronological order of release from newest to oldest.

Gentlemen, Take Your Seats – A Case Study in the Art of Wordless Communication

A Lion Still Has Claws – Why Reforging Ice is the Best Scene in Game of Thrones

Into the Wilds! – The True Power of the Wildlings

The Dragon or the Egg? – How Daenerys Managed to Hatch Her Dragons

We Hoped to Kind of Avoid the Expected – Subversion in the Long Night vs. the Red Wedding

A Hopeless Defence – Debunking Common Arguments in Defence of Season 8 of Game of Thrones

What’s In a Name – What Does the Title of “A Song of Ice & Fire” Mean?

Fishing the Rulebook Out of the Trash – Repairing Game of Thrones’ Illogical Succession

A Song of Relationship Algebra – Does Brandon+Ashara Equal Anything?

Sore Is the Ass That Sits the Iron Throne – What “Fire & Blood” Says About Leadership

The Broken Man on the Broken Wheel – Why King Bran Doesn’t Work

Rise of the Mad Queen 2.0 – Is Daenerys Going Insane Realistic?

The Charge of the Dothraki? – Explaining What Cavalry Is All About

Come At Me Bro – Why I Hate Lyanna Mormont

A Lot – What Went Wrong with Game of Thrones

The Silence Before the Storm – Was Episode 2 the Best or Worst of Season 8?

A Bad Pussy by Any Other Name – What We Want & Dread About Season 8 of Game of Thrones

If Thoughtful Looks Could Kill – Why the Preston Jacobs Dornish Master Plan Is Unlikely

To Burn or Not to Burn – Why There is Power in King’s Blood

The Rise of the Mad Queen – Discussing Cersei’s Character Arc in Game of Thrones

When Littlefinger Gets Littlefingered – Why the Baelish Death Scene Makes No Sense

The Cripple Without Personality – Jaime’s Character Arc in Season 7 of Game of Thrones

The King in the North! – The Scene That Makes My Blood Boil Like a Raccoon Eating Jalapenos

There Must Always be a Stark in Winterfell – The Paradoxical Thing About Stark Rule in Game of Thrones