Maddy’s Diary – Entry 7: Eye of the Kitty


Dear Diary,

Da cat knows da wae to Elsweyr.

Our catastic love blooming like a marvelous kittyflower.

Sometimes it is necessary to imitate that which you love, that which you aspire to be. It is important to learn, to improve yourself if you want to make the people around you happy and get them to loosen up. Sometimes, you need to erase your past self in order to adapt to the new circumstances. Well I am no stranger to self-improvement for the sake of others and so I have gone to the best mentor available for the job: Analyze’s cat.

It took me many afternoons and many more cat snacks, but eventually the little fuzz ball warmed up to me. It showed me the way of da cat, to scratch the furniture, make a lot of noise when I want something, to purr while cuddling Analyze when he’s sleeping. It has been a wonderful experience.

Being ever the sharing type, I decide to tell my catty mentor to join us for the next CG, where he and I can finally tell Analyze our love for one another. I bet he’ll be stunned by the revelation! *fingers crossed*


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