Maddy’s Diary – Entry 5: Settling In


Dear diary,

Analyze seems to be getting used to me as his new bestie roommate. I’ve already met his family and they were a delight. Generous as well. When I entered the room their eyes started tearing up and their voices seemed to crack up. When I announced I’d be spending time with Analyze they were very accommodating. In fact, they made sure to give us our privacy, since I haven’t seen them since! It’s just me and my beloved sweetie of a bestie.

The missing hand is artsy. It's an Ozymandius reference or... something. Deal with it!

The great statues that I made with all my love (and other stuff). <3

I’ll admit that he originally seemed to have a slight problem with me placing all of my stuff in his room so that we could have lots of sleepovers, but once the wall of friendship was built, modelled as him and I holding hands <3, he seemed to calm down. Admire the thing and even climb it now and then. I can’t help but notice him looking at Wall-Me every so often. Clever and insightful as he is, he always seems to be trying to clean something on the neck. Whatever it is, he needs both hands for it.

But, dear diary, oh dear diary, my beloved diary, I found out to my delight that my bestie loves big ol’ hugs. There’s nothing more relaxing and sweet as showering your friends with bear hugs to show your affection. At first he resisted, playing hard to get, but eventually my love overwhelmed him. Now Analyze never stops me whenever I need a hug! Such a sweet guy. He’s asked me to watch another season of Game of Thrones with him. He seemed to think it would be good, a masterwork, the epitome of this magnium opous. And after watching it together, I can say without a shadow of doubt that it was awful. But I can’t tell poor Analyze that. Just look at the smile on his face! It would break his heart, so I’ll just have to pretend that I like it. I’m sure that would make him very happy. 😀


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