Maddy’s Diary – Entry 3: Maddy and the Ice Cream Factory

Dear Diary,

Today is my birthday and what a birthday it has been! Since my last play date with Analyze I had spent many an hour next to the telephone, just waiting for him to call me again. He hadn’t contacted me since then, but surely he wouldn’t have forgotten about my birthday?! He really seemed to have enjoyed our time together. Those endearing stares whenever I made suggestions about the show. All those moments he was quiet as a mouse, in deep contemplation as he shook his head in utter disbelief at the awesomeness of my comments. And of course, most of all: the way I felt he truly appreciated my knowledge on the subject.

And it seems he needed my skills again, because he contacted me today by throwing a shoe through my window. In it was a letter, a letter with a proposal. We would spend the rest of eternity working together on something called “Critique Geeks”, a segment where he and I would discuss various fantasy and science fiction works. Us two. All together. He said the idea came to mind after carefully thinking about our previous article and he followed up by asking if I could come over immediately. And so I did.

The foolish mortal didn't know I was immune!

Being so sad before my bestest friend cheered me up.

Analyze seemed to be in a very good mood. He was excited. He really DID remember my birthday! Such a wonderful friend. I even got a celebratory tub of ice cream. While not much I felt amazed. I savoured the first gift a friend had ever given me and before you know it the ice cream was gone. That made me sad for a little while, but we soon got to work.

But that’s not all, dear diary. We got to talk about something that made me sad! How Game of Thrones had become less good of late. I got to get everything off my chest and Analyze really seemed to enjoy the conversation. He kept staring at me with those big, happy eyes of his. Near the end he even asked about my ice cream. Then he pointed at even more ice cream and of course I looked immediately. Showing his true love for me, he tapped my head with what felt like a pillow. I fell into a blissful sleep, dreaming of ice cream and soft pillows…

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