Maddy’s Diary – Entry 2: Roses Are Red, Friends Never Blue


Dear diary,

He invited me into his home! We were going to have a wonderful little play date together. My heart, oh my dear heart! Analyze even had a fun activity planned for us: a wonderful chat about this show I’ve never heard of before: Game of Thrones. Well, I wouldn’t want to feel silly not knowing what to talk about, so I pulled an all-nighter watching through all the episodes and reading all the books. It was hard, dear diary, but I soldiered on, devouring everything I could set my eyes on. After I had satisfied my hunger, I looked through what remained of the books. It’s a fun little tale and I’m sure I had a lot of relevant stuff to say!

And Analyze definitely agreed with me. Why, I could see the joy and admiration in his eyes as he took a look at the notes I had created especially for this visit. I knew then that this was the start of a beautiful friendship…

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