Analyze’s Diary – Entry 4: Maddius, Horror of the Deep


Stop reading this, you necronomicunt!

That is not sane which can eternal lounge. And with strange references even Analyze’s sanity may kick the bucket.

Twas a beautiful whenever-the-hell-this-was morning. It felt like a month had passed since I had rid myself of the abomination. I woke up. Birds chirping. The warm rays of the sun caressing my naked, naked body. I opened my eyes, hoping to see the sunlight glistening off of the waterfall outside of my window. But instead all I saw was darkness. A terrifying figure hovering over me. Fear overwhelmed me. I imagined horrible scenarios involving tentacles and anime. But nothing could have prepared me for the words it spoke… “Good morning, bestie. Ready for our playdate?” Then it struck me like a hurricane. He had survived! And I had promised to spend several hours with this strange apparition in a small room. His seaweed-covered hands grabbed hold of me as I screamed a blood-curdling scream. As he pulled me up I slipped on a cod and hurt my poor little toe… and I knew this was only the beginning of my suffering.


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