Analyze’s Diary – Entry 2: A Way Too Unexpected Journey


With the final season of Game of Thrones coming and my website finally launching, I knew my first article simply had to be about Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, though I’d come up with a perfectly witty ending, actually writing the article had proven a lot more… well, difficult than I’d imagined.

There had been many sleepless nights staring at a computer screen. Wearing my fingertips down to nubs. Dozens of ice tea cans had been consumed. But by the end of the month, dear audience, I had finally and incontrovertible managed to catch up on my tweeting… I thought I might soldier on. Stoically persist in my quest. Chase my dreams! Put my nose to the grindstone! But that sounded hard, so instead I grabbed that random hobo off the street and had a long talk with him.

But, dear reader, I had no idea what deepest, darkest level of hell I was entering. Somewhere below violence, below fraud, below treachery into… disorganization. It all started with me pulling up a wordfile of comprehensive notes and my partner arriving with an ink drenched slab of paper on which notes were hastily scribbled.


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