Character Analysis

A collection of articles which analyze a particular character or characters’ psychology in an attempt to find out and explain what makes them tick.

Selfless Redeemer or Selfish Controller? – Why Elijah Made Klaus a Worse Person

The Fiend Behind the Mirror – Why The Necromancer Was the Best Written Villain of Season 1

The Hurricane Inside the Stoic – Analysing Sten From Dragon Age Origins

The Cute Elf’s Dark Story – Analysing Merrill’s Psychology in Dragon Age II

From Sweet Child to Mass Murderer – Discussing Eren’s Character Arc as a Shonen Protagonist

The Ace as the Jack of Trades – Is Hermione Really the Brightest Witch of Her Age?

The Battle at Ostagar: Unwanted Failure or Deliberate Manipulation? – Discussing Loghain’s Motivations

A Doomed Relationship – Why Klaus Could Never Have Been a Good Father to Marcel

The Life of a Hero! – Taking a Look at the Character Alec Ryder in Mass Effect Andromeda

The Rise of the Mad Queen – Discussing Cersei’s Character Arc in Game of Thrones

The Cripple Without Personality – Jaime’s Character Arc in Season 7 of Game of Thrones

The Cracks in the (friend)Ship – Taking a Look at the Tempest Crew Members of Mass Effect Andromeda

The True Power of Friendship? – Taking a Look at the Companions in Mass Effect Andromeda

He’s Back – Psychological Analysis on What Fifty Years of Suffering Can Do To The Protagonist

Life Among Giants – Marcel’s Childhood

“You Do Not Talk to Abominations” – Elijah’s Dilemma

Mother & Monster – Esther’s Immorality

Of Monsters & Men – How the Originals See Themselves

Camille’s Descent – A Look at the Importance of Camille’s Choices in “You Hung the Moon”

Becoming the Destroyer – A Psychological Analysis of Mikael