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Website Slowdown

My dearest audience members, We have noticed that the website is slowing down somewhat due to the traffic we’ve been getting since launch. Sadly, our hosting service does not seem to stand up well to… well, views really. We are looking into this however and will take steps to remedy this as soon as we …

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The Website Has Launched!

So what is this website? Fuck if we know. But what we’re going for is a website which concentrates on reviews and analysis of fantasy and science fiction content (including TV-series, movies, books and video games) with a hopefully humorous spin. The website currently has two main types of articles: Individual articles and Critique Geeks. Individual …

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We Are… Not Yet Live!

My dearest reader, if you are reading this then you have found our website. Congratulations, you must be very proud of yourself. I would give you a cookie, but my partner ate them all… Analytical Madness is currently still under development and has not yet officially launched. So if you find that our articles appear …

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