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Why hello there, I am Maddy, proud co-owner of and writer for Analytical Madness inc. I release articles every Thursday so follow us on Twitter to recieve the weekly goodness. I focus on articles that are whimsical and silly, yet still explore the subject matter in a penetrating way that will satisfy your deepest needs. A difficult task, to be sure, but I believe that my degree in Journalism has taught me the necessary skills to be the village idiot! After all, that's what most journalists do these days... If that is not to your liking; run away! Run far, run fast and leave all the women and children behind. Unless you're one of them... In that case you should leave all the men behind! If you still care to linger in this place and are looking for more in-depth analyses; consider checking out my super smart bestie Analyze. Be sure to leave him a comment and tell him I sent you. He'll appreciate it a great deal!

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Maddy’s Diary – Entry 7: Eye of the Kitty

  Dear Diary, Sometimes it is necessary to imitate that which you love, that which you aspire to be. It is important to learn, to improve yourself if you want to make the people around you happy and get them to loosen up. Sometimes, you need to erase your past self in order to adapt …

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A Shiny Microcosm – The True Power of the Circle of Magi

  As I was playing another round of Dragon Age Origins I came across a helpful young Tranquil lad in Ostagar. A magey lad who was kind enough to explain to me what tranquility and enchantments are all about. One line in particular was striking: “Enchantment provides the circle its wealth. Certainly, we would not …

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When The Make-Over Drains Your Soul – A Further Criticism of 2019 Jasmine

  Now I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t I already discuss why Jasmine was bad in the last CG? Yes. Yes, I did. But to my everlasting shame and eternal regret I did not manage to effectively communicate my humongously big buggaboo for the 2019 Jasmine. You see, poor Analyze fell asleep during my five …

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Maddy’s Diary – Entry 6: Epistemological Evolutions in the Art of Co-Living

  Dear diary, Today was a momentous day in a whole life of fun days. It has been the day where Analyze and I took our friendship to the next level. We became real roommates! Besties who spend every waking moment with each other! I can only hope that Analyze loves this almost as much …

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The Cute Elf’s Dark Story – Analysing Merrill’s Psychology in Dragon Age II

  If you’ve read any of my other articles you may have noticed that I’ve got a thing for sweet, cuddly, adorable and adorkable girls. Merrill from Dragon Age II is therefore my bae. I adore her to bits. Not only because she is such a sweet and adorkable character, but also because her personality …

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When Does the Cycle End? – Discussing the Main Issue With The Walking Dead

  Note: This article was written after the mid-finale of the first half of season 9. Therefore it doesn’t keep the second half in mind, nor is that necessary. I know what happens in the second half and nothing really argues against the smackdown I’m about to lay down. The best things of that half …

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More Than Just Bullies With Guns – Re-imagining the Saviors

  I like The Walking Dead. I really do. There is something about zombie shows that I really enjoy and I find it a fascinating venue to explore human nature. This is something that The Walking Dead explores thoroughly and it’s one of its better thematic points. With this in mind we should take a …

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The Tinfoil of Thedas – What If the Maker Was a Tevinter Mage?

  With Dragon Age Inquisition came the revelation that the Elven gods are basically nothing more than super powered Elven mages who acquired enough magical juice that they essentially became immortal. And they would’ve gotten away with it, if it weren’t for that stinking Fen’Harel! But even that took something small like creating an entirely …

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Maddy’s Diary – Entry 5: Settling In

  Dear diary, Analyze seems to be getting used to me as his new bestie roommate. I’ve already met his family and they were a delight. Generous as well. When I entered the room their eyes started tearing up and their voices seemed to crack up. When I announced I’d be spending time with Analyze …

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From Sweet Child to Mass Murderer – Discussing Eren’s Character Arc as a Shonen Protagonist

  Disclaimer: this article describes parts of the manga that have yet to appear in the anime. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read this article. Although really, considering how long the next arc has been out already I think you’re just being silly for not reading the manga. SO GO READ IT …

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