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Why hello there, I am Maddy, proud co-owner of and writer for Analytical Madness inc. I release articles every other Tuesday so follow us on Twitter to recieve the weekly goodness. I focus on articles that are whimsical and silly, yet still explore the subject matter in a penetrating way that will satisfy your deepest needs. A difficult task, to be sure, but I believe that my degree in Journalism has taught me the necessary skills to be the village idiot! After all, that's what most journalists do these days... If that is not to your liking; run away! Run far, run fast and leave all the women and children behind. Unless you're one of them... In that case you should leave all the men behind! If you still care to linger in this place and are looking for more in-depth analyses; consider checking out my super smart bestie Analyze. Be sure to leave him a comment and tell him I sent you. He'll appreciate it a great deal!

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The Expanding Scale of Civilisation – Why the Comic Just Works

  Warning: if you haven’t read the comics yet, you’re about to be spoiled big time. If you don’t want to be spoiled, READ THE COMIC YOU SILLY SAUSAGE! For the sake of correctness and the pursuit of knowledge I decided to make the ultimate sacrifice. I decided to do what no other man or …

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There’s Only White Meat and Dark Meat – Why the High Death Rate Is Good

  One of the controversial things about The Walking Dead is that characters die at a shockingly quick rate. Like a really, really quick rate. So quick I can’t even finish my biscuit. Even long-established characters like Glenn, Carl and protagonist Rick Grimes, have been killed or shipped off unto greener zombie free pastures. This …

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Into the Wilds! – The True Power of the Wildlings

  The Free Folk are an everlooming threat during the Jon and Sam chapters in A Song of Ice and Fire. Lean and mean, rough and tough, old and bold, the Wildlings are the stuff of nightmares for our fearless watchers on the wall. Indeed, the wildlings form an army of 100,000 men and women …

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Behind the Pretty Exterior – Questioning the Premise of the Salvatore Boarding School (A Play)

  Warning: this article is a full quote article, a fantastical delving into my mind as we explore the premise of the Salvatore Boarding School. It doesn’t read like my normal articles, so all ye who expected that, ye be warned! Back when I was still a little Maddy I dreamed of one day getting …

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The Cursed Ruins of the Past – How Deconstructing Steampunk Enhances Immersion

  Steampunk is a weird concept I adore oh so much. It’s a genre that uses a combination of both fantasy, science fiction and a power source invented in the 17th century. Basically it wants to live both in the future by presenting us many nifty little inventions while living in the past, as in …

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The Fiend Behind the Mirror – Why The Necromancer Was the Best Written Villain of Season 1

  As season 2 of Legacies begins I feel it’s pertinent and absolutely necessary to reflect upon season 1 first. After all, it has a ton of issues, one of the bigger ones being the monster of the week formula. Most of the monsters that appeared were one-dimensional, bland and do nothing but screech and …

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The Hurricane Inside the Stoic – Analysing Sten From Dragon Age Origins

  One of the most interesting things about the Dragon Age video game series is that the writers just love laying things out in the open from the start. It’s not just foreshadowing, it’s laying all of their cards on the table immediately because they know that they can make a royal flush. But because …

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Maddy’s Diary – Entry 7: Eye of the Kitty

  Dear Diary, Sometimes it is necessary to imitate that which you love, that which you aspire to be. It is important to learn, to improve yourself if you want to make the people around you happy and get them to loosen up. Sometimes, you need to erase your past self in order to adapt …

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A Shiny Microcosm – The True Power of the Circle of Magi

  As I was playing another round of Dragon Age Origins I came across a helpful young Tranquil lad in Ostagar. A magey lad who was kind enough to explain to me what tranquility and enchantments are all about. One line in particular was striking: “Enchantment provides the circle its wealth. Certainly, we would not …

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When The Make-Over Drains Your Soul – A Further Criticism of 2019 Jasmine

  Now I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t I already discuss why Jasmine was bad in the last CG? Yes. Yes, I did. But to my everlasting shame and eternal regret I did not manage to effectively communicate my humongously big buggaboo for the 2019 Jasmine. You see, poor Analyze fell asleep during my five …

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