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I am Analyze, the psychology student and more serious of the two writers. If you click on my beautiful mask you can find all of the various articles I've written organized in an ever-so-neat way. I release an article every Tuesday, so you lovely people should be sure to follow Analytical Madness on Twitter to make sure you don't miss a single drop of the sauce of my wisdom. My articles are primarily aimed at making you think about the complexity of the various things that I talk about, though with a sprinkling of sarcasm and dry wit. If you're a fan of in-depth analysis of themes and symbolism, psychological analyses of characters, deconstruction and speculation on lore, rewritten scenes and a good dose of criticism then you've come to the right place. If however you're looking for something a little more accessible and light-hearted (or light-headed); you may want to try my more pedestrian counterpart Maddy.

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Fishing the Rulebook Out of the Trash – Repairing Game of Thrones’ Illogical Succession

  Succession is an integral part of the game of thrones. It’s the bedrock for the feudal monarchy the titular throne is symbollic of. It’s what drives on the wheel that crushes the poor, pitiful peasants beneath it like applesauce. It’s what allowed someone as supremely competent as Joffrey to ascend to power, something we …

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A Song of Relationship Algebra – Does Brandon+Ashara Equal Anything?

  R+L=J, the idea that Jon is the son of Rheagar and Lyanna, is one of the oldest A Song of Ice & Fire theories out there. In fact I’d go so far as to say it’s the stonehenge of speculations. The dinosaur of AsoIaF discussions. The Pacman of postulates. But why would Martin include …

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Was Vampire Hitler Right? – How Season 5’s Ending Betrays Its Themes

  The species of New Orleans have been at war for as long as we can remember. From the beginning of the show it is made very clear that vampires, werewolves and witches don’t get along. Throughout the series we see them fight each other, try to dominate each other, distrust each other and slaughter …

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Will We Die Just a Little? – Deciphering Grindelwald’s Riddle

  The first Fantastic Beasts movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” has probably long faded into the depths of most people’s memories. It was, after all, released several years ago. A veritable eternity in internet time. But nevertheless, with the fairly recent revelation Rowling made about the nature of Grindelwald and Dumbledore’s relationship, …

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Analyze’s Diary – Entry 4: Maddius, Horror of the Deep

  Twas a beautiful whenever-the-hell-this-was morning. It felt like a month had passed since I had rid myself of the abomination. I woke up. Birds chirping. The warm rays of the sun caressing my naked, naked body. I opened my eyes, hoping to see the sunlight glistening off of the waterfall outside of my window. …

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What Character Arc? – Why Damon’s Transformation into a Human Was a Betrayal

  Damon Salvatore is perhaps one of the most beloved characters in “The Vampire Diaries.” And this isn’t surprising. He’s funny, he’s beautiful, he’s alluring, he’s mysterious, he’s kind of a bad boy (alright, a lot of a bad boy) and yet he’s ultimately sympathetic, so long as you forget about all the killing. So …

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Every Stone and Flower Tells a Story – The Symbolism of the Almsivi’s Skin Colour

  Like every person who’s just a bit too old to know what the hell Fortnite is, I once played “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.” And while I had my issues with the game, one thing I always enjoyed immensely about it was its living gods: Almalexia, Sotha Sil and Vivec. Not only because I …

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Important Schedule Change!

Dearest Twitterers, Twitterettes and Facebookees, From now on the “Critique Geeks” segment where I (Analyze) and Maddius go at each other will go from being bi-weekly to monthly (i.e. one Critique Geeks each month). The same goes for the diaries associated with these episodes. We hope this will give us the space to put them …

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From Gold to Black – Is the Black City Arlathan?

  As Dragon Age players we all know the story of the Black City. It’s the very first thing anyone is confronted with upon starting a game of “Dragon Age: Origins.”  But to recap, just in case: At the beginning of time the Maker, jolly old chap that he is, created a beautiful golden city …

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Come At Me Bro – Why I Hate Lyanna Mormont

  Brave, strong, fearless, puts the assholes in their place and is loyal to the heroes. All of these words describe Lyanna Mormont. Officially introduced in season 5 and making her first on-screen appearance in season 6, ever since then she (and her 62 men, can’t forget about those) have been steadfast supporters of our …

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