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I am Analyze, the undisputed ruler of this portion of the internet. If you click on my beautiful mask you can find all of the various articles I've written organized in an ever-so-neat way. I release an article every other Tuesday, so you lovely people should be sure to follow Analytical Madness on Twitter to make sure you don't miss a single drop of the sauce of my wisdom. My articles are primarily aimed at making you think about the complexity of the various things that I talk about, though with a sprinkling of sarcasm and dry wit. If you're a fan of in-depth analysis of themes and symbolism, psychological analyses of characters, deconstruction and speculation on lore, rewritten scenes and a good dose of criticism then you've come to the right place.

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Analytical Madness is Moving

I hate to get serious in my news posts, let alone almost twice in a row, but it is once again serious time. Since my partner (for the website) left I have been bearing the costs of running the website on my own. Practically this is proving impossible. Hosting a website is quite expensive and …

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The Cracked Helm – Why Halo: Reach’s Last Level is Masterful

  Alright, I’m going to have to start with a confession. I was not a big fan of Halo: Reach on a storytelling level. Sure, the gameplay was good enough and it had lots of flashy moments and pretty lights. But the characters were as flat as cardboard that fell underneath a steamroller and there’s …

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Analyze is Back, Baby!

As you may have read, if you’re a good boy/girl, in my previous news article Maddy (former co-owner of Analytical Madness) has left the website. It required some soul searching, taking a short trip to a mountain resort and hitting myself in the head a half a dozen times but I have made the laudable …

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Maddy is Leaving Us

My dearest citizens of Analytical Madness, consul Analyze has an important message to bequeath to you all. As you might’ve figured out from those big letters up top I bring you the very happy tidings that the beast known as Maddy (the second author of Analytical Madness) will be leaving the website and moving on …

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Analytical Madness Going on a Break

My dearest inhabitants of the interwebs, Your dearest Analyze has some important business he cannot get out of (no matter how hard he tries) to put up with for the coming month-or-so. As a result Analytical Madness will be taking a break starting the 25th of December up until the 3rd of February. This means …

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Gentlemen, Take Your Seats – A Case Study in the Art of Wordless Communication

  Game of Thrones used to have some great scenes. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe. But once upon a time, before it was the stereotypical high fantasy disasterfest it became, there was a golden age where season after season you would find it stuffed full of great scenes. Episode after episode it …

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A Lion Still Has Claws – Why Reforging Ice is the Best Scene in Game of Thrones

  Everyone has their favourite scenes in Game of Thrones. Hardly surprising, as the show is packed full of epic battles, incredible monologues and exciting plot twists. And my favourite scene… is none of those. It’s a scene where some old guy hands a sword to a blacksmith for reforging and then throws a wolf …

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Selfless Redeemer or Selfish Controller? – Why Elijah Made Klaus a Worse Person

  Elijah and Klaus were no doubt the dynamic duo of The Originals. The Robin and Batman of the vampire world (unfortunately for many, minus the revealing suits), the bloodsucking murderous Bert and Ernie of the CW, the Analyze and picture-of-Analyze of the fanged figures. Two pees in a pot. And a heartwarming pot it …

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Behind Blue Eyes – Why Camille Was the Most Powerful Character on The Originals

  When dealing with a show where you regularly see 1000 year old super vampires, apocalyptically powerful witches and ancient culturally insensitive spirits battle it out you would perhaps not immediately jump to the conclusion that a frail little blonde human is one of the most powerful people on it. Yet, being the loveable contrarian …

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Worthy Heir or Disappointment – Should The Vampire Diaries Fans Watch Legacies?

  Legacies, for those of you not in the know, is the most recent spin-off (the cynical among you might say “cash grab”) belonging to the Vampire Diaries universe. Following the life of Hope Mikaelson, daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, and the lives of the other students at the children’s death trap (also called the Salvatore …

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