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We are Analytical Madness, a  website which exclusively reviews and analyses fantasy & science fiction content (be it TV-shows, movies, books or video games) in a way that focuses on in-depth analysis and attempts to be intellectually stimulating to the reader rather than focusing on short and easy-to-digest recaps. Though hopefully depth served up with a fair bit of humour.

We post a new article every tuesday and have a Twitter and a Facebook specifically dedicated to posting our newest articles as soon as they come out. So if you want to get our articles the minute they are posted follow us on there. We also post all articles in audio format which you can listen to on this website, on our Soundcloud or on Youtube where you can also subscribe to our channel.

Currently all of the articles on the site are in one of two formats: Analyze‘s regular articles and Critique Geeks segments.

Analyze’s regular articles focus on going very in-depth on a single subject at a time, though hopefully with a strong hint of sarcasm and dry humour. While Critique Geeks articles involved Analyze talking at length to a guest about something very geeky.

As implied by that rather large bit of writing above this piece of text, I am Psychoanalyze Qubirī. Though my friends would call me… Dr. Analyze. That is if I hadn’t violently murdered those cheating bastards with my sword. I once wanted to be a TV-writer, but from the moment I realised that would involve actually talking to people on a daily basis I instead chose to pursue a career as a novelist. I am but a mere student of psychology, looking to use his power for the good of all… and if you don’t believe that, you can shove it up your tailpipe.

Blocked tailpipe or not, I will happily fulfill the role of that rather verbose and sarcastic geek sitting alone at the front of your college class who always reads too much into everything and constantly corrects the teacher. I’m mainly interested in the in-depth analysis of stories. Deconstructing their settings, fervently digging for symbolism, making complex theories on their underlying themes, and above all I shall endeavour to provide you all with a comprehensive look into the psychology of characters from various works of fiction. In short, you can always depend on me for in-depth examination in my articles, but if you expect me to be brief, well you’ve come to the wrong guy.

The works I enjoy most are The Originals, A Song of Ice & Fire (especially the books), the Ender Quintet, Halo and Breaking Bad, though the articles I’ll be writing on this site (for now, “muhaha” and all that) will mostly cover the first two.

In addition to this, I also run both the Analytical Madness Twitter and Facebook account and take care of everything related to website design as well as any technical problems the website might have. More information on this can be found on our contact page.

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